Zhejiang Chuangqi Electric Co., Ltd. Quality Integrity Report
Time: 2019/7/31 14:00:09
The quality and integrity report issued by the company is compiled in accordance with relevant national quality laws, regulations, rules and relevant industry quality standards and norms. The report on the company's quality integrity and quality management is a true reflection of the company's current situation. The company is responsible for the objectivity of the report content, and is responsible for the authenticity of the relevant discussions and conclusions. The relevant situation is as follows:
(1) Report range: Zhejiang Chuangqi Electric Co., Ltd.
(2) Reporting time: From January 2017 to December 2017, some data exceeds the above time, which is subject to actual conditions.
(3) report release cycle: one year
(4) report acquisition method: through the company website http://www.chac.cc/en/
Please see the following document for details.

Zhejiang Chuangqi Electric Co., Ltd. Quality Integrity Report.pdf