Director Zhu Yunhua of Wenzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau led a team to the Legrand Group for investigation and research
Time: 2019/7/31 13:38:57

On the afternoon of November 21, Director of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Wenzhou City, Director Zhu Yunhua led the deputy director Wang Qingxiu and Director Zheng Yongming, accompanied by Liu Yong, Director of the Yueqing Market Supervision Administration, Deputy Director Zheng Liangbin and Chief Linker, and then investigated and investigated by the Legrand Group. Quality management work. Zhang Xiangyong, Chairman and President of the Group, Wang Yanqing, General Manager of Zhejiang Chuangqi Electric Co., Ltd., and the responsible person in charge of quality and technology, etc.
Accompanied by Chairman Zhang Xiangyong, Director Zhu Yunhua and his party visited the company's finished product warehouse, injection workshop, mold workshop, incoming inspection room, quality inspection center and other places. Zhang Dong told the research team that each production site of the company has a complete quality management system. From raw materials to the company, to the output of finished products, every process and every link has strict quality supervision. The company invests a large amount of money every year for product research and development, the introduction of high-end smart equipment and the cultivation of outstanding technical talents. It is this philosophy of "Quality is the life of the company", and Legrand continues to win the trust and recognition of customers with excellent product quality. Therefore, the company has won the "China Quality Credit Enterprise", "Zhejiang Household Leakage Circuit Breaker Quality Comparison Quality Excellence Award", "Wenzhou City Zhejiang Manufacturing" Brand Key Cultivation Enterprise", "Wenzhou Quality Research Base", "Wenzhou" A series of honors such as “Famous Brand Products” and “Yueqing Mayor Quality Award”.

At the subsequent symposium, Zhang Dong gave a detailed introduction to the details of the production, operation, transformation and product quality of the Legrand Group in the past two years. Zhang Dong said that with the rapid development of economic globalization and the rapid advancement of science and technology, the market and customers have put forward higher and higher requirements for product quality. The company is also continuously deepening the application of high performance model in quality management. Improve product quality and strengthen product services so as to open up bigger markets and exceed customer expectations.
After listening to the relevant work report, Director Zhu first expressed his gratitude and thanked Yueqing Enterprise for its contribution to the economic development of Wenzhou. Secondly, Director Zhu highly affirmed the quality management work of the Legrand Group. She said that the excellent product quality has promoted the rapid development of Legrand and promoted the development of Yueqing's economy. I hope that Legrand, as a quality benchmarking enterprise in Wenzhou, will continue to play a leading role in quality and market, and continue to strengthen the supervision of product quality. We will vigorously introduce technology, cultivate talents, enhance core competitiveness, and lead the development of enterprises with innovation and technology as the driving force. Finally, Director Zhu expressed his appreciation and support for the company's active participation in the "Zhejiang Manufacturing" brand certification and the Wenzhou City Governor's Quality Award application. He believed that the company's active participation is the pursuit of excellence, and encourages the company to continue to intensively focus on products, thus starting Wenzhou. Manufacturing brand.