New journey, new mission | Congratulations to Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. for moving to Daji!
Time: 2019/7/31 11:56:54

On November 18, 2018, the Legrand Group ushered in another milestone in the history of development - the office building of Zhejiang Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd., which was settled in Jiaxing, was completed and unveiled!
The newly-built Minghui Intelligent Electric Office Building is magnificent and atmospheric, with live lanterns, red carpets and guests gathered, and there is a lively and festive atmosphere everywhere. The responsible persons of the subsidiaries of the Legrand Group, the management personnel of various departments, all the employees of Minghui Intelligent Electric and the special guests of the group chairman – some Yueqing entrepreneurs and friendly people participated in the celebration with joy.
At 7:18 in the morning, the opening ceremony of Minghui Intelligent Electric Office Building officially began. Zhang Xiangyong, Chairman and President of Legrand Group, delivered a congratulatory message and expressed warm congratulations on the completion and housewarming of Minghui Office Building. He also thanked the local government departments and the community for their support and concern for the completion of the company, and fully affirmed the Minghui team. The efforts and hardships of the company's infrastructure construction and relocation in the early stage have placed great hopes on the future development of Minghui. Subsequently, Chairman Zhang Xiangyong and all the shareholders unveiled the "Minghui Intelligent Electric", and the audience applauded with warm applause and salute.

After the opening ceremony, the company organized a meeting of all management personnel. At the meeting, Huang Jianping, the general manager of Minghui Intelligent Electric Co., introduced the hard work of the factory from infrastructure to renovation in the past two years, and gave a brief report on Minghui's future development ideas and the next work plan.
At the meeting, Chairman Zhang Xiangyong made an important speech. Zhang Dong pointed out that the completion of Minghui's new intelligent electrical building marked the beginning of the second venture of the Legrand Group. The Legrand Group has a foundation of more than 20 years of entrepreneurial history. Facing the current new situation and new challenges, today's inauguration ceremony reminds us that our second venture will start a new journey and usher in a new mission! The development of Minghui Intelligent Electric is the "engine" of the Group's second take-off. By building an international high-end intelligent manufacturing base, it will serve as a breakthrough and new growth point for the Group's transformation and upgrading. For the future development of Minghui, which shoulders the heavy responsibility, we must closely focus on the concept of “honesty to customers, harmonious employees, innovation in branding, and sharing of excellent resources”. All shareholders, management and employees work together to lay a solid foundation and aim at the strategy. Grasp the opportunity of the development of the economic circle of the Yangtze River Delta, inject the spirit of the Red Boat into the development of the enterprise, work hard and wait for it, and jointly create a new era and create new glory!