Ye Xiaojian, Party Secretary of Beibaixiang Town, led a party representative from the city to the Legrand Group to investigate the business environment.
Time: 2019/7/31 11:49:21

On the morning of November 9, Ye Xiaojian, secretary of the Party Committee of Beibaixiang Town, Lian Jianlin, deputy secretary, Xue Aikun, executive deputy mayor, and Ni Zebin, member of the organization, went to the Legrand Group to inspect the business environment. Zhang Xiangyong, Chairman and President of the Group, Wang Junchao, Assistant General Manager of Chuangqi Electric, and Ni Qingjian, the company's consultant, warmly welcomed the visiting leaders.
Ye Shuji and his entourage visited the company's production site and learned in detail about the company's production and operation, machine substitution and integration.
At the symposium, Zhang Dong introduced that since the establishment of the company, it has insisted on deepening the industry and deepening innovation, and has formed its own core competitive advantages in business management, technology research and development and marketing. Yueqing is China's largest low-voltage electrical production base, and has become the first industrial cluster in Wentai area with an output value exceeding 100 billion yuan. The manufacture of low-voltage electrical appliances involves hundreds of thousands of metal parts, injection molded parts, stamping and mold processing. The advantage of the Legrand Group is to supply multiple parts to the industrial chain, and to independently produce the main components of the core products. Supply and procurement costs to achieve high volume customized production.

In addition, the company actively builds a harmonious corporate culture and promotes the sustainable and healthy development of the company: First, adhere to the strengthening of non-public party building, leading the corporate culture with party building culture; Second, adhere to the construction of learning organizations, to create full staff for all levels of the company The orientation learning platform emphasizes the growth of employees and enables employees to make progress together with the company.
Zhang Dong said that all companies are welcome to visit and exchange with the company. As the president of the North White Elephant Chamber of Commerce, he has the responsibility to assist the higher-level party committee government departments to build a communication platform, create a quality business environment and promote local industrial economic development. .
Mr. Ye expressed his gratitude to Zhang Dong and others for their warm reception and sharing. He highly praised and fully affirmed the Group's work in industrial, machine substitution and party building culture. Secretary Ye said that the party building culture of the government and the party building culture of non-public enterprises seek common ground while reserving differences, and advance with the times can seek long-term development. He believes that Legrand's core competitiveness and continuous learning in the Yueqing low-voltage electrical industry cluster not only provide useful practical experience, but also expand the thinking for further investigation of the business environment.