Experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs talked about "two healthes". Zhang Xiangyong, chairman of Legrand Group, explained how the company did it.
Time: 2019/7/31 11:42:55

On the afternoon of October 17, Wenzhou City established a new era of “two healthy” pioneering district conferences. The heads of relevant departments from the whole country, the whole province and Wenzhou, as well as representatives from various chambers of commerce, experts and entrepreneurs attended the meeting.
Chen Weijun, secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, stressed that the core of Wenzhou's high-quality development is the high-quality development of the private economy. It is necessary to create a new era of "two healthy" pioneering areas, and create a new glory in Wenzhou's private economy.
Che Jun, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, pointed out at the conference that Wenzhou initiated the creation of a new era of "two healthy" pioneering areas, which is a major move to promote the new development of the private economy in Zhejiang in the new era. Wenzhou is a banner for the development of China's private economy. It is hoped that this creation will be a new starting point, boldly explore and actively practice, and strive to create a new era of private economy capital that is oriented towards "two hundred years" and has international competitiveness.
How do companies do when they enter a new era? Zhang Xiangyong, Chairman of the Legrand Group and Chairman of the North White Elephant Chamber of Commerce, interprets: putting product quality first.
Zhang Dong said that in order to achieve high quality development, the non-public economy should do the following:
First, attach importance to R&D and innovation, product quality, and abandon plagiarism, counterfeiting, and malicious low-price competition;
The second is to take the road of "smart manufacturing" and deepen the integration of industrialization and informatization, so that automation, intelligence and information can replace traditional labor, improve production efficiency, reduce production waste, and improve product stability, reliability and consistency;
The third is to implement the strategy of “strengthening talents” and actively introduce and cultivate talents in management, professional and skill-matching enterprises;
The fourth is to strengthen the "integration of industry and finance" and promote the healthy development of enterprises.
Over the years, the Legrand Group has adhered to the industry, accelerated technological innovation, paid attention to product quality, and constantly promoted “integration of the two industries”. It cultivated middle and high-level management and technical talents in various forms and actively explored the sustainable and healthy development of private enterprises. With Wenzhou City's creation of a new era of "two healthy" pioneering district conferences, opening the way for promoting "two healthes" across the country, Zhang Dong said that the company will grasp the trend of the times, firmly develop confidence, and have no intention of innovation and creation. We will do a good job in the enterprise, strive to make the company better and stronger, and create new achievements and re-create brilliant in the new era of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics.