Recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center
Time: 2019/7/31 11:37:31

Recently, the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province issued the “2017 Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center” medal. The intelligent low-voltage electrical R&D center of Zhejiang Chuangqi Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Legrand Group, was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center.
It is reported that the "provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center" is mainly aimed at high-tech enterprises with certain scale and research and development strength, and must be based on the approval of the establishment of "city-level high-tech enterprise R & D center" Conduct on-the-spot investigations and comprehensive expert review of independent intellectual property rights, sales revenue, conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements, R&D institution construction, and scientific research investment. Through this identification, the results of the Legrand Group in technological innovation and the transformation of research and development results have been fully proved.
The Luogelang Intelligent Low Voltage Electric Apparatus R&D Center is the core of the company's technology innovation system. The R&D center has a talented team with high technical level and rich practical experience. There are 88 full-time scientific research personnel, more than 60% of those with bachelor degree or above, and research houses. With an area of ​​750 square meters, it invests no less than 6 million yuan each year to purchase advanced test equipment and professional testing equipment. Through independent innovation and cooperation between industry, academia and research, the company has continuously accelerated the upgrading of existing products and the research and application of new technologies, new materials and new processes. There are 44 independent intellectual property rights patents, and 14 scientific and technological achievements have been converted in the past three years. A certain-scale talent team, high scientific research investment, perfect intellectual property management system, and stable cooperation mechanism between industry, university and research institute are the main support for the company's technological progress and innovation, which makes the company's research and development and innovation level in the same industry. Status, and research innovation performance is significant.
In the future, Legrand Group will further combine the development trend of low-voltage electrical industry and market demand, continue to attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, increase investment in science and technology, introduce and cultivate innovative talents, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and realize the transformation of products to high-tech, modularization, Systematize and intelligently advance, continuously enhance the independent innovation capability and core competitiveness of the enterprise, and promote the development of regional economy.