Time: 2019/7/31 11:20:00
The distribution network is an important public infrastructure for national economic and social development. How to build a distribution network facility that is coordinated by urban and rural areas, safe and reliable, cost-effective, technologically advanced, and environmentally friendly is a strong support for safeguarding people's livelihood, stimulating investment, driving the improvement of manufacturing industry, adapting to energy interconnection, and promoting the development of "Internet +". The Legrand Group serves extensively in the national network, the national network of the South Network, and the collection of the South Network components; the supporting services of the State Grid and the South Network tendering equipment components; the tendering projects of the Geoelectric Corporation and the Municipal Power Supply Bureau; The special project of electric house business and user industry expansion project has provided a complete set of low-voltage power distribution solutions for State Grid, South Network, local power companies and power grid system enterprises to protect their power supply systems safely and reliably.