Time: 2019/7/31 11:01:50
The petrochemical industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy. In the process of oil exploitation, smelting and processing, the stability of electric energy is extremely high. Through automatic management, the cost of operation and maintenance and the probability of accidents can be effectively reduced. Therefore, the continuity of power supply of electric power plants has a reliable operation for the petrochemical industry. Important role. The distribution system used in petrochemical production must provide a safe, reliable and continuous power supply, thus placing higher demands on the power and quality of power system solutions. The Legrand Group has launched a full range of new products, including Frame circuit breaker CDW9: Molded case circuit breaker CDM9i: AC contactor CDC9i, thermal overload relay CDR9i, miniature circuit breaker CDB9 and other star products provide high quality products for the construction of petrochemical industry.