Time: 2019/7/31 10:52:56
According to the particularity of the public building power distribution system, the Legrand Group provides tailor-made low-voltage power distribution solutions for public buildings with stable and reliable products, safe and reliable quality and intelligent and flexible performance. The environment not only ensures the reliability and safety of the operation of the public building distribution system, but also reduces the cost of operation and maintenance of the equipment. The Legrand Group has always insisted on upgrading and optimizing low-voltage distribution solutions for public buildings with high-quality all-in-one products and strong professional strength. It has launched a new high-end custom-made Wisdom series for the construction industry, with longer mechanical and electrical life. The raw materials do not contain harmful substances such as benzene, cadmium, lead and mercury. They comply with the EU ROHS environmental protection directive, and are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, making the power supply of public building distribution systems more reliable and stable.